- Extension works not ideally in plain text editor in Wordpress

for example in Theme Editor. Before enabling syntax highlight: http://joxi.ru/bmooX7lfxl4Pym, after: http://joxi.ru/J2beQLwCXM6z0m.

Author: Ruslan, 29.03.2017, 09:18
Idea status: completed

Response from the site administrator

codehighlight, 29.03.2017
Hi, thanks for the feedback. Could you provide us a bit more details about your environment? Which exactly version of WordPress you're using? I see that you're trying to edit CSS. How exactly you're doing that?



Ruslan , 30.03.2017, 17:02
тема light
codehighlight, 30.03.2017, 17:14
This one? https://themeforest.net/item/light-minimalist-wordpress-portfolio-theme/19129397
Ruslan, 03.04.2017, 09:19
I was trying to use plugin on various admin sections including Page Edit. On the screenshot I provided earlier I opened Appearance - Edit menu. There are plenty of theme files available to edit there.
Wordpress I'm using is the latest available - 4.7.3
codehighlight, 04.04.2017, 08:58
Thanks for the feedback. We will try to fix the problem ASAP.
codehighlight, 08.04.2017, 21:27
We've added some improvements into WordPress support. Feel free to check latest version of the extension.

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